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Restorative Orthopedic Treatments for Complete Orthopedic Care

Come to Steven W. Pearson,  M.D. in Santa Barbara, California, for complete orthopedic care. From neuropathy to custom orthotics and diabetic shoes, we offer a wide array of orthopedic treatments to minimize or eliminate pain so you can enjoy your favorite activities again.
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Quality Care

Whether you suffer from a minor ankle sprain, bunions, or another painful condition, feel at ease knowing our staff is here to help. Allow us to develop an orthopedic care plan that will work specifically for you.

 Some of Our Orthopedic Treatments:

• Claw Toe Repair
• Ankle Replacement
• Plantar Fasciotomy
• Bunionectomy
• Neuropathy
• Ligament & Tendon Repair
• Arthroscopy
• Foot & Ankle Fracture &
  Dislocation Treatment

What Should I Bring to My First Appointment?
 • Driver's License
   Or Photo ID 
• Copies of  Medical &  
   Operative Reports, X-Rays 
   CT Scans & MRIs
• Insurance Card
• Prescription List


Contact us for our orthopedic treatments so you can return to your daily routines.