Your Foot & Ankle Specialists

Whether you suffer from a minor ankle sprain, bunions, or another painful condition, feel at ease knowing our staff is here to help. We will develop an orthopedic care plan that will work specifically for you.

Restorative Orthopedic Treatments For Complete Care

Steven W. Pearson, M.D. helps you cure painful foot or ankle conditions that are preventing you from living your life to the fullest. From neuropathy to custom orthotics and reconstructive procedures, our orthopedic treatments help minimize or eliminate your pain so that you can enjoy your favorite activities once again. We accept most insurance plans in our practice.

Conditions We Can Help You With

Are your suffering from a painful orthopedic condition? Come to Steven W. Pearson, M.D. for a comprehensive treatment to alleviate your pain and move comfortably. Our team can help you with:

Achilles Tendon Sprains & Tendinitis | Bursitis | Flat Feet | Fractures | Heel Pain | Neuromas | Peripheral Nerve | Disorders | Sesamoiditis | Neuropathy | Ankle Sprains | Bone Spurs | Club Feet | Foot & Ankle Injuries | Gait Abnormalities | Ingrown Toe Nails | Osteoarthritis | Plantar Corns | Sports Injuries | Tendonitis | Bunions | Diabetic Foot Problems | Foot Deformities | Hammer Toes | Morton’s Neuromas | Plantar Fasciitis | Sports Injuries of the Ankle

Some Of Our Orthopedic Treatments

We offer a range of orthopedic treatments to you. Some of our treatments include:

Neuropathy | Arthroscopy | Bunionectomy | Claw Toe Repair | Ankle Replacement | Plantar Fasciotomy | Ligament & Tendon Repair | Foot & Ankle Fracture Treatment | Foot & Ankle Dislocation Treatment

What Should You Bring To Your First Appointment?

Driver’s license or photo ID | Copies of medical & operative reports, including X rays, CT scans & MRI reports |
Insurance card | Prescription list

Return To Your Daily Routine With Effective Orthopedic Treatments!